blog multilingual

 talking summarization – japanese blogosphere

Bloggers write in ordinary Japanese, English and translated it to automatically generate

On the same URL in Japanese, English as static content and placement.

Translated by the web perhaps service level is adequate.

Easy to read, or have no need, and may make sense to pass.

search engine just for show is the content.

I do not know a lot of meaning to read, so it may be possible to comment.

(※ In particular, the English-speaking viewers, is that a lot of people.)

Can you read Japanese to expect. (Expected)

The blogging services that automated could access from overseas can be expected to increase.

————————————————– —–

I learned that effort.

And the age-old division, combined with multi-language description of how the people were, but the number is very small. The automated, I’d say.

Japan is one of the world’s Lost ….. not aware that so many Japanese people.

In particular, Japanese culture ( Now Past) to foreign interests,

I think Japanese like so much more than the visitors from abroad, probably to increase.

The amount of Japanese content is very high, the amount of content that will flow into the English-speaking countries at once, something may change.

For various reasons, it is absolutely necessary.

If you look at the interests of its own,

Japan should be a standard feature of the CSP. Only for what is not. (Physical) is also due to profit.

For various reasons, “Japanese” is to be exported.