Comiket escala japonesa es varios órdenes de magnitud en comparación con el exterior.

Why Do Foreigners Like Japan so Much? We Head to Comiket 82 to Find Out!

Dana (F/26/Germany)  (Showing us a cellphone strap connected to a small stuffed animal with a hole in its butt) Things like this, that are cute but a little strange. There are many things like this in Japan, but in Germany they are only sold at joke shops.

Robin (M/25/the Netherlands)  There are things you can do in Japan that you could never do in my country. For example, at Comiket, people selling boys love (homoerotic) comics take pride in their work and sit there with their heads held high waiting for customers to come. If you tried to sell the same comics in the Netherlands, it would cause trouble. People would point at you and ask: “what on earth are you selling!?”

 Que vienen de fuera se sorprenden de su tamaño.
Es más grande escala mundial.
En Japón, hay muchas oportunidades para comprar y vender doujinshi.







Es un sitio donde se puede jugar tan pronto como está escrito en la notación musical ABC.
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